Please note that we will take our time and newborn sessions can last over an hour.

 Here are a few tips that will help to make your babies session a success:

  1. Give baby a nice warm bath in the morning. Then, try to stimulate him or her as much as possible for a while to keep awake.

  2. Feed baby before leaving home and they will most likely fall into a nice deep sleep on your car ride.

  3. Dress baby in a simple, snap-front sleeper. This way we don’t have to wake her/him by pulling a onesie over their head.

  4. We always suggest simple, solid colored tops for parent/sibling poses. Either all darks, or all lights (think cream, tan, light grey). Try to stay away from zippers, sequins, buttons, or anything that would be uncomfortable for baby to lay on.

  5. It will be toasty warm here, so dress yourself in layers or bring a comfortable t-shirt to wear once we’re done with parent posing.

  6. Feel free to bring coffee, snacks, a magazine, whatever you need to stay relaxed and comfortable while you’re here.

  7. At least one week prior to your session, please complete the Newborn Questionnaire to help us better plan for your special day.